5 Interview Tips

5 Interview Tips

Always bring your “A” game! When people first begin their career search they are proactive and interview differently than someone searching for a position later in life. If you hope to have a career that lasts a lifetime, the best thing you can do for yourself is to understand that in today’s competitive job market, your ability to stay on the cutting edge is vital.  Don’t miss the below five interview tips:

1. Stay Honest

Every once in a while a story crops up about someone who seemed to have a great career.  Their story includes years of experience after having climbed their way up the ladder, only to fall very hard after getting caught lying about their education, their previous job titles, their military career or perhaps about honors or medals they say they received for some type of outstanding service.  Employers are becoming more and more diligent about checking everything on your resume and application.  And don’t assume you are safe if you do lie and manage to get hired.  More than one person was fired from their current position when their employer was vetting them for a serious promotion.

2. Check Your Attitude

If you do have great things to offer a future employer in the way of education or job experience, that’s great.  Go ahead and toot your horn, but consider your demeanor.  Are you projecting enthusiasm, confidence and eagerness to work or are you acting as if you are gracing the interviewer with your presence?  If you truly believe you are too good to be working at a particular company then why waste the interviewer’s time?  Time and time again, employers say an arrogant attitude is a deal breaker.

3. Take Responsibility

Everyone makes mistakes at work at some point or another.  It is how you handle the outcome that future employers want to uncover.  Most interviewers will ask you how you handled a mistake you made, so be prepared to explain what happened and then show them how you handled the error and what you did to prevent it from happening again.  Blaming your co-workers, a customer or your spouse does not show you learned from your mistake.

4. Focus On Your Future Employer

Employers know you have a personal life, but they don’t want to see it front and center when you are interviewing with them.  Turn off your cell phone before you even enter the building of a prospective employer.  When you are interviewing, it’s time to give 100% of your attention to the task at hand, which is trying to land a great new job.  Even when you are waiting for your interview, it looks tacky if you are checking your social media accounts, playing a game or watching funny videos, when you could be smiling and making eye contact with the receptionist instead.

5. Check Your Appearance

Appearance stills matters, even if you have years of experience. It is important that you do your homework before you arrive at the interview.  Study the industry you are aiming for.  A startup tech company probably has different expectations with regard to attire than a traditional bank.  When in doubt, it is better to dress more formally rather than casually for your interview.

Honesty, integrity, caring about your appearance and respecting other people’s time are timeless concepts that will serve you well for a lifetime.

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