5 Qualities Employers Want In Their Next Hire

5 Qualities Employers Want In Their Next Hire

Looking for a job can seem challenging but you can increase your chances by highlighting skills and education that meet their needs. While the skill set needed may very from job to job, most companies will value certain qualities, regardless of which field they specialize in. Here are 5 qualities that employers will want to see in their next hire:

1. Dependability

Employers want to know they can rely on you to do your job, both while management is present, and when they are out of sight. This includes being punctual, finishing tasks in a timely manner and so much more.

2. Honesty

While many people have no problem telling ‘little white lies,’ this is not always going to fly with employers. They want to be able to trust their workers. If you are dishonest with them, even with small things, they will be frustrated that they can’t trust you. They don’t have time to wonder if what you say is true, or if you are going to end up stealing from them or a customer. Be upfront with your boss and the businesses that you work with regularly.

3. Professionalism

Being professional is vital not just for dealing with customers, but for maintaining an appropriate atmosphere at your place of employment. It is essential to remain professional when it comes to dressing in proper work attire, as well as in day-to-day conversation.

Avoid foul language and negative gossip. negative gossip, even if it’s true. Work directly with management and do not share with customers or coworkers.

4. Good Judgement

Managers want their staff to be able to work independently. While you don’t want to go beyond the duties you have authority to do, employers want to know that their company is in qualified hands. This is important, because sometimes there are situations that come up where there is no exact protocol, and a call of judgement is required on the part of the staff. It is necessary for you to be able to make good decisions, to resolve issues, but to also know when to ask for help, when it’s beyond your capability to handle.

5. Strong Work Ethic

Regardless of which field you are applying to, all employers want to hire workers that are willing to work hard and do their best. Managers don’t want to pay you for time you spend texting, checking your social media accounts, or doing something else other than working, when you are not on a break.

It’s a good idea to make sure anyone who would need to contact you in a case of a true emergency has your actual work number, such as your spouse, other family members, and your child’s school. Let those individuals know that you will only check your cell phone on your work breaks and lunch, and then keep it off or on silent while you are working. Employers need their staff to be focused on their duties and not be distracted by their personal and social life.

Employers really value people who are not just good at their job, but also have good qualities. At Bishop & Company, we can greatly assist those searching for a job, as well as employers looking for qualified workers. Whatever talents and qualities you possess, we want to help you make the most of them. Please contact us, so we can assist you with finding the job you need.