5 Tips For Office Attire

5 Tips For Office Attire

Looking your best every day is a sure way to stand out in any professional environment. Even though our clothes may not “make or break” your position in the company, they certainly play a part. Sometimes it may make the difference between a promotion or not.

Your clothing is an extension of you and broadcasts an image to others. It affects how others perceive you, especially at work. Maintaining a professional appearance may be the factor that subconsciously puts you in line for the next promotion. Although in the workplace nowadays about anything goes, there are a few tips that may leverage your personal brand. Follow these 5 outfit formulas and dress guidelines that work for everyone.

1. Clean

It should go without saying that you need to be sure your clothes are clean for work. Wearing clothes that have any smudges, stains, or odors is bad taste and gives the appearance of carelessness. While it’s true, you may get a spill on you while at work, don’t come to work with any stains. To protect your clothing at work, keep a small bottle of stain removal handy just in case you need it.

2. Not Too tight

Although some people may like to wear their clothing tight, it’s best to wear things that fit properly. If your clothing is too tight, it could tear slightly when you move in certain positions. There would be nothing more embarrassing than bending over and hearing the rip of a seam.

3. No Baggy Clothes

In addition, to not wearing clothes that are too tight, you don’t want to go the opposite direction and wear baggy clothing. Overly loose clothes tend to look sloppy and unattractive. Finding outfits that are fitted will enhance your professional image.

4. Wrinkle-Free

With all of the fantastic fabric options we have today, ironing may be outdated (someday). But, until then, keep your clothing wrinkle-free. If you have some clothes that have more cotton in them and tends to wrinkle, you’ll have to pull out the iron once in a while. Wrinkled clothing can make a person look sloppy. People do draw conclusions about us based on the way we present ourselves. If you don’t like ironing, opt for more work clothes that have polyester, spandex, or microfiber content in them.

5. Modest

Contrary to what many employees think, employers still value modest attire in the workplace. The way an employee dresses directly affects his or her employer’s brand. Their brand is the way customers view them and needs to be consistent. They may not want their brand to be associated with skimpy clothing. If an employer promotes people to high positions that dress provocatively it may diminish the image they hope to display. Even if the times have generally changed in regards to fashion, experts still insist that work attire is important. Peter Glick, a professor of psychology at Lawrence University in Wisconsin conducted a study about clothing in the workplace. He discovered that women who dressed in provocative clothing were considered by their peers and management to be less skilled than what they actually were. In other words, the clothing took the attention off their abilities and onto their clothes.

Dressing for work need not be a complicated affair. Although, most places of business do not enforce a dress code (unless it’s police or military), wearing professional clothing is always appropriate. Save the new fashions and fads for your days off or after-hours playtime. When it comes to the workplace, playing it safe is best. You may still incorporate your own taste and style into your clothing and keep within the boundaries of professionalism. By following these simple tips, you will be in safe territory. Contact us today for more job tips.