Can Positive Affirmations Actually Help You With Networking?

Can Positive Affirmations Actually Help You With Networking?

Most of us despise that dreaded word: “networking”. There are very few people who are not daunted by the idea of networking. It feels so embarrassing, like you’re going around asking people for a job. And you might feel like you’re advertising the fact that you don’t have a job. Plus, aren’t you also making it really obvious that the only reason you’re calling that person is so that you can find a job and not because you’re really interested in what’s happening with them?

Replacing Negative Ideas with Positive Ideas

The way to get around your hesitation is to squelch your negative ideas as soon as they arise. Replace them with positive ideas instead. A lot of people are quite skeptical about this possibility. Just telling yourself positive things, they think, is not going to change your life, your thoughts or your interactions with others.

However, if you can manage to put your skeptical side aside for a while, you’ll find that positive affirmations have a strong effect that might continue for days on end, without your realizing it.

Are You Embarrassed to Call Old Friends?

If you’re feeling embarrassed about calling up an old friend for networking purposes, remind yourself of how well you used to get along with that friend. What great times did you share together? When did they prove to you that they were kind and caring? Or did you just appreciate their sense of humor? There must have been some reason why the two of you were friends. Now, you just have to recall that reason.

When you’ve fortified yourself by remembering all the good things, you’ll be more than ready to make that call. In fact, you’ll probably be so psyched, you’ll end up calling 4-5 old friends and talking to them about the good old times. You’ll be ready to tell them what’s going on in your life, including the fact that you are looking out for a job. And if you manage to get a job lead, that’s great. If not, at least you’ll have caught up with old friends and learned what’s going on in their lives.

Do You Feel Like Networking Doesn’t Really Work?

Maybe you feel like networking doesn’t really work. You feel like you have to speak to ten people to get even one decent lead. So what’s the point? Why not just apply to jobs on Monster? When you start feeling negative like this, look back at your life and think about how networking has helped you out.

  • Did you ever get a job through a friend?
  • Did you meet your significant other through a friend?
  • Did you make a friend through another friend?
  • Did any other opportunity come your way because you took the time to speak to someone about your situation?

Most people will find that their social circle has helped them out in one way or the other in the past. And reminding yourself of the times when networking has worked for you will encourage you to give it a shot again.

How to Get Past the Critics and Naysayers

The fact is that people who get ahead in their lives are the ones who think positively. They’re the ones who can shrug off the negativity and the criticism. Because, no matter how good you might be at your job, you’re going to have naysayers—people who keep nagging you, criticizing you and placing themselves in a position superior to you. In fact, the better you start doing in your life, the more these naysayers criticize you.

You have to become more thick-skinned and start ignoring these people. Learn to pick yourself up and keep going. Keep doing what you want to do. Keep trying to achieve your goals. Keep networking. No matter what your goal, positivity will help you to reach it.

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