6 Steps To Network Like A CEO

6 Steps To Network Like  A CEO

If you are named CEO then this means you are able to solve problems, manage teams and of course have been successful throughout your career. This type of network doesn’t grow overnight however and instead requires a great deal of time and effort to cultivate and maintain. We have 6 tips to help you network like a CEO:

1. Be Yourself

Even if it’s a bit overused, it might be the most important of all. Be honest and you will succeed because they will remember you. Be yourself and people will connect with you and your skills.

2. Give First

If you want to build a long-term relationship with someone, you need to give of yourself without expecting anything in return. Whether it’s mentioning someone to fill a job opening, or recommending a dry-cleaner, if you can help then do it. When you take the time to help people, without expecting anything in-return the they will not forget you.

3. Keep It Current And Personal

Reach out regularly to your different connections. Have lunch or dinner, have a phone call, exchange emails, but keep it personal. As much as society loves social media, it doesn’t make a solid connection when someone has 400+ other friends. Make the time on your calendar to reach out regularly and then stick to it. You won’t build a long-term relationship with someone if you don’t connect with them often.

4. Time Is Valuable

When requesting meetings, or having others ask for one with you, spend some time chatting to see if you really want to take the time to arrange it. Rather than considering yours more valuable or theirs, consider that each of you have goals that might or might not be benefited by taking the time to meet. Will knowing them introduce you to more people? Will you be able to offer them some benefit? While it sounds cold-hearted, you must guard your time carefully. Of course if you want to just make friends with someone, there’s always the option of separating business and pleasure.

5. Follow Up

It takes someone several interactions before you stick with them. Consider ways that you can follow up naturally. Even something like sending them a link to an article about their industry that they might find interesting can work. The key is to keep it natural, with a focus towards building that long-term relationship. When you end a meeting, make sure to prepare yourself up for a follow-up. Never end a meeting without the expectation that something should follow, even if it’s just meeting up for coffee.

6. Look For Experience Or Interest

Rather than looking to network with everyone, look for unique individuals. Find people that push the envelope to succeed and will inspire others. Your goal is to grow, so find likeminded individuals.

Getting to the top takes time and hard work. Staying on the top takes even more. Becoming a CEO means investing time not only in others but in yourself. If you want to network with people then you have to be able to offer them something in return.  Remembering that as you look to grow and gain in your career that you have to grow in all areas of your life is vital. Follow us on LinkedIn to get more great tips on networking and utilizing the professional network.