Why a Staffing Expert is Good for Companies Needing Talent

Why a Staffing Expert is Good for Companies Needing Talent

Staffing agencies earn their fees in one of two common ways. They charge a flat fee or a percentage of the new hire’s starting salary. Although flat rates may be unheard of in the HR industry, percentages give recruiters more incentive to succeed when they search for candidates with higher salaries. In this blog post, we explain why working with staffing experts is good for business.

1. Staffing experts make decisions based on a wealth of information about job candidates. Much of modern recruiting is done using more facts and insights about candidates than recruiters had in the past. We get all of the data from an applicant’s online submission or social media profile as well as potential insights from surveys or questionnaires that he or she takes. The latter could be a screening tool such as the Myers-Briggs test or a Gallup personality profile. We may write customized questions to screen your candidates for a particular position.

2. Staffing experts ask questions of references and supervisors without breaking a candidate’s confidentiality or violating employment law. When we recruit on behalf of an organization, we act in an important capacity. Many applicants do not want their current employer to know they are looking for another position. It takes finesse to glean helpful information about a candidate while protecting his or her privacy rights. There are also many questions that should not be asked under current employment law.

3. Staffing experts quickly gain the confidence of applicants. On the one hand, we believe that the client organization knows the qualities that it seeks in a successful candidate. This is usually more likely if you have worked with an organization previously and/or if you have tailored a job posting to reflect their current needs. Then, you approach the task of sifting through the candidates who passed online screening tools and deciding who to interview. Whether you speak to a candidate on the phone, in person, via video, or even Snapchat, you must quickly gain his or her trust. Otherwise, a candidate may not provide enough details to influence your hiring decision.

4. Staffing experts place themselves in the shoes of the hiring authority and the candidate when needed. Recruiting is about finding a match between an organization and a candidate. While you might see that a candidate fits a workplace culture, you’re really matching him or her to a specific boss and group of colleagues. How will he or she adapt to the current mix? Is the candidate better suited to a different position within the same organization? If you can empathize with both employers and candidates, you will serve as a more effective matchmaker. We know that simply making a placement won’t keep us in business. We depend on a pattern of successful placements, expertly sourcing people who stay with organizations for long tenures or at least while their employer requires their expertise.

We have a tight margin for making temporary placements. There isn’t much leeway for mistakes. With the pressure that employers currently face in recruiting, we are here to help fill in the gaps as your tailored staffing solution. We also help candidates find different experiences that will help them choose a more permanent position with an employer located in the Honolulu area. Our experts look past the simplicity of what people say to obtain a position. We consider other information, such as candidates’ nonverbal communication and what employers try to tell us about finalists without ever saying it. Recruiting is about reading between the lines and finding the right person that your organization needs in the moment. Business conditions change, sometimes in a few months, which can point us to different types of candidate. For details, please contact us today.