Five Ways LinkedIn Can Help Land Your Dream Job

Five Ways LinkedIn Can Help Land Your Dream Job

Originally launched in 2002, LinkedIn is now “the” business professional’s social network. LinkedIn is a respected veteran when it comes to social media platforms. The reason for this is simple – it is a great space to connect, network, and prove your value to potential employers. In 2016, the site had more than 433 million worldwide members – a number that has steadily risen every year since its launch.

LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms in that the user experience is driven by a singular purpose – to positively impact professional connections. If you are interested in advancing your career, LinkedIn presents an opportunity to market yourself. In many respects, your LinkedIn profile is a more sophisticated resume. Here are five ways LinkedIn can be used to land your dream job:

Prove Your Credentials

Including information like level of education, certifications, and work experience are de facto when it comes to LinkedIn profiles. But the digital nature of the platform makes it possible to also embed videos of presentations, links to relevant websites, and supplemental attachments detailing your experiences. Instead of merely stating experiences on a paper resume, LinkedIn makes it easy to show them to potential employers.

Use the Jobs Sections to Search Far and Wide

When it comes to finding a job, the LinkedIn jobs section is far superior to your average newspaper jobs insert. Employers post vacancies knowing that savvy LinkedIn users are more likely to be the ideal candidate. The jobs section is especially useful if you are willing to relocate for the perfect position.

Demonstrate Your Relevance and Expertise in Your Field

Another functionality of LinkedIn is the inclusion of a personal blog in your profile. Many users ignore this feature, but it serves as a powerful tool when looking for employment. Regular posts regarding current issues or events in your industry will show your commitment and expertise to the field. It will also help employers get a feel for whether you fit with their beliefs and the culture of the company. While this might seem to some as a disadvantage because it limits the number of interested employers, this transparency will help you find a better fit. You don’t want to regret working for the wrong company.

Craft Your Professional Network

Breaking into a profession can be a daunting and intimidating process, but LinkedIn makes it easy to connect with prominent and well-respected professionals in the industry. Requesting to connect with these people serves two major advantages. First, building your network puts your name (as well as your profile) in the minds of other professionals. Second, you will get updates when people leave one job and land another. This knowledge makes it easier to find the right time and the right entry point into your dream profession.

Explore Company Profiles

No matter how much you prepare for an interview with a potential employer, there is always the risk that questions will arise that put you on the spot. LinkedIn Company Pages can provide updates and will also show if any of your connections know people who work for that company. These people can serve as helpful reference points while preparing for the important interview.

These tips lay the foundation for using LinkedIn to land the perfect job, although it is hardly a comprehensive list of all the advantages of using the social media platform. Whether you are looking for a new job right here in Honolulu or anywhere in the world, LinkedIn can help. Fortunately, we can too. We have more than 30 years of experience providing our applicants with valuable work experience and great jobs. Search our job database or contact us to learn more about how we can help you find your dream job!


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