Make Your Resume Shine

Make Your Resume Shine

The perfect resume is a well crafted document that will make it past the scrutiny of an ATS (applicant tracking system) and get you the all important interview that will move your career in the right direction. Here are some quick resume tips to help you present yourself in the best light possible. 

Keep Formatting Simple: Fonts do matter. Select one that shows well both on-screen and in print, and is compatible with any computer’s operating system. Check out this list of possibilities from Business News Daily.

Text Only: Eliminate any unnecessary “creative touches”, such as logos, or pictures. Keep it neat.

Keep Headings Prominent: Make headings stand out with bold fonts or italics. The only thing that should be more noticeable is your name.

Keep Headings Relevant: List headings in order of importance.

  • Header — This is the place for personal information. Name, location (city and state only), cell phone number, and email address.
  • Summary of Qualifications — A specific list of the position specific skills you will bring to the position. Two or three sentences is sufficient.
  • Professional Experience — Do not list any experience older than 10 years ( it will date both you and your skills). Detail exactly what you do that directly relates to loss prevention requirements. Follow a 50/50 format, 50% responsibilities and 50% achievements.
  • Education —  Only list degrees that were completed (or those that will be very soon). All that is necessary is the name and location of the school.
  • Hobbies — Stay away from adding hobbies or personal interests and avoid using “miscellaneous”.

PDF vs. Word DOC: When applying for an online posting, use the specified format. Default to PDF if no preference is mentioned. This format is secure, compatible with almost all systems, and will ensure that the hiring manager sees the document as you see it.

Be Meticulous: There is no excuse for misspelled words or poor grammar. Spell-check and proofreading apps like Grammarly are widely valuable; use them.

Cover All Bases: Use the acronym along with the spelled-out form of titles, certifications or requirements. Your statements will be clear regardless of the format the Applicant Tracking System (APS) is looking for. For example:CCTV (closed circuit television)surveillance, or APS (Asset Protection Specialist).

Let The Position Description Be Your Guide: Search for the keywords used in the position listing and job description with services like Wordle or TagCrowd. A word cloud of these important words and phrases will help define your focus in crafting a resume. Aim for using each one at least once.

Recognize When Enough Is Enough: Automated tracking systems are sophisticated and hiring managers see far too many resumes over-stuffed with attention-getting words. Be judicious and limit your use of each skills-related keyword to no more than two times per word.

Words Make A Difference: Words and phrases that are outdated, or overused will detract from your resume. Unless the information is specifically requested, avoid including:

  • Grade Point Average (GPA) — If you have a degree, that is all the information that is needed. Focus instead on academic achievements that show initiative.
  • Objectives — A “skills summary” is the way to go.
  • Unimaginative Resume Templates—  Avoid resume-generating programs. Go the extra mile and find a resume example that is professional and unique. Show that you are resourceful and creative.

A perfect resume is well written, focused, no more than two pages, and one that leaves the hiring manager wanting to know more.  Once you have crafted a document that highlights all your previous accomplishments, contact us. We are singularly focused on helping you move your career in the right direction.