3 Tips For Job Fair Success

3 Tips For Job Fair Success

Searching for work can seem challenging because there’s so much to consider with each potential job. Attending a job fair is a great way to introduce yourself to hiring employers, but you may feel slightly overwhelmed at the idea of trying to be prepared for so many job prospects at once. Here are three tips to help you prepare your resume and yourself for the job fair.

1. Be Prepared

Research the employers that will attendAs soon as you find out about the job fair, you should take time to look up which companies will be participating, and which ones you want to apply to. Then take time to research each company, to at least have a basic overview of who they are and the positions you would be interested in.

Print out different variations of your resume. You not only want to make sure you have multiple copies of your resume on you when you go to the job fair, but also that each version is adapted to a position you want to apply for. This is especially important if some of the jobs are in completely different fields.

Application Information. Most of the info requested on an application will be on your resume. You will also want to be prepared with good references and previous employer addresses and dates. Taking an hour to fill out an application because you are trying to remember things will definitely not make you an appealing employee-to-be. Make sure you are also mentally prepared to answer questions, such as why you want to work for the company and your reason for leaving previous jobs.

Make sure your references are up-to-date. If you’ve been using the same references for a while with your job search, you’ll want to contact the individuals you are using, make sure that you have up-to-date contact info, and remind each person that they may get a call, so they are not caught off-guard, and are prepared to answer questions about you.

2. Consider Branching Out

If you’ve had trouble finding a job in a certain profession, consider widening out your search to include different types of work. Even if you don’t have experience in other fields or don’t have an extensive college education, undoubtedly there are still many types of work that you can apply for, and many of these have good pay and benefits. While looking at companies hiring, take note of the qualifications. You may qualify for more than you realize. Just as important, think about what kind of job you want. Were there things you didn’t like at your past jobs? Is there something else you’d like to do?

3. Communication

Keep track of everywhere you apply to at the job fair. Mark things down such as where you applied, the date, who you spoke with, if they told you they’d get back to you at a certain time, or if they asked you to check back at a later date. Follow up when possible, if you are able to call or physically go to the company, but without overdoing it. Let them know you are still interested in the position and drop your name. From an employer’s perspective, you are more likely to keep a job if you want and appreciate it to begin with.

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