9 Tips To Inspire Your Job Search

9 Tips To Inspire Your Job Search

Another day, another click, and yet nothing. You’re not alone, almost everyone has experienced this frustrating period during a job search, but it’s essential to keep moving forward. Here are 9 tips to help keep you grounded and motivated.


First, you are talented and you will find a job!


What soothes you? Whether you like to watch Netflix, eat chocolate, or go for a run, take time to replenish your soul. You will find yourself motivated and refreshed after taking care of yourself.

Stress Less

Don’t stress about who was chosen for the position because it doesn’t matter. Your focus should be on the job you will get.

Create Balance

Swim at Ala Moana Beach Park? Surf at Sunset Beach? Continue to pursue activities that you are passionate about and that remind you of how talented you are.

Temporary Agency

Consider a temporary agency because they can not only help you relieve any stress about money but they are always looking for people for short-term temporary positions. In these positions, you will be valued for your skills and often times employers hire temps for permanent jobs.

Give Back

Connecting with a cause you care about can bring you out of a job search mode. Put your energy toward something that will reward you every time you’re there.

Set Goals

Set goals that you can achieve each day. Keep searching, tailor resumes, and draft cover letters. Two resumes a day? Once your tasks have been accomplished then do something fun.

Project Development

Paint the wall peach? Plant orchids on the patio? Build your self-esteem and create something that will have a measurable impact on your household.

Family Time

It’s easy to lose social energy during a job search but you need laughter from friends and family. Don’t turn down pizza night invitations or skip date night.

The better you are at bouncing back from rejection, the more confident you will be. The more confident you seem, the more likely that an interviewer will say “yes” next time. For more information, contact us.