4 Tips Job Seekers Can Do To Stand Out

4 Tips Job Seekers Can Do To Stand Out

When you’re in-between jobs, looking to improve your professional development, or new to an industry it’s often difficult to find ways to set yourself apart from other job seekers. Take the time to revamp your resume, and improve your skills and here’s how:

Get Certified 

Getting certified in software, marketing, and other industry-specific topics will help boost your resume. In doing this you’ll from a touch point with potential employers for a number of reasons, outlined here.

  • It Shows Employers You’re Proactive: Having certificates on your resumes demonstrates that you are eager to learn and grow your skills. Hiring managers want to find an individual who is a hard worker and excited about their industry, and being certified will give them the confidence that you are that person.
  • It Improves Your Skills: Employers are also looking for individuals with multiple skills. By getting certified, hiring managers will see that they won’t have to invest as much time and money into training you. This will put you one step closer to an interview.

Certification in a specific skill, and proficiency over a topic, will give your resume a leg up over others seeking the same position. Since your resume is one of your first real opportunities to explain to an employer why you’re the right candidate, you want to check off as many boxes as possible, and more boxes than others in the field.

Build A New Resume For Each Job 

Instead of sending in a generic resume to each employment opportunity you seek out, try creating a new one for each opportunity. This will help you tailor the resume using specific keywords, skills, and experiences that matter most to the employer. You’ll show them that you already have what it takes to succeed in the role.

If it seems like a lot of work to take on, try building different resume templates for different roles. For example, if you’re interested in marketing as a whole, build a resume for “content creator” or “social media marketer” and so on. This way, for each new role, you’ll have something to work off of, and impress recruiters.

Reach Out To Your Networks

Whether this is on LinkedIn, former co-workers, or classmates you knew from college—one great way to stand out in the eyes of recruiters is having someone in an organization vouch for you. Spend time coming up with a short elevator pitch that you can use to connect with your network. Talk about your experience, and interests. Then ask if they can connect you with a hiring manager or recruiter at their organization about open positions that fit your needs.

If a recruiter already knows about your experience beforehand from your connection, they’ll have a pre-existing positive first impression before they even meet you. The first time you meet with the hiring manager, you’ll get to build from that, and shine even more.

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Shine

In today’s online age, having a LinkedIn profile is a surefire way to connect with a recruiter. It’ll also help you feel more comfortable reaching out to recruiters on the website, as your profile will help show off your best skills and experiences. Here’s what you should focus on to start.

  • Get Endorsements: Start by endorsing other people in your network, and they’ll likely return the favor. When recruiters see that you have great skills, and people who back you up on it, they’ll feel more assured in reaching out to you.
  • Photos, Links, and Descriptions Matter: Fill out each box on your profile thoroughly. Unlike a resume, you have the opportunity to showcase images and links directly—and having your portfolio and other work samples readily available will help recruiters see the full range of your skills.

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