3 Tips About Providing References

3 Tips About Providing References

Applying for a job, especially when it is a job you really want, can be both an exciting and scary experience. While not every job requires them, many job applicants can get a little stressed over picking the right references. If you are in the process of applying for jobs, there are at least three things you should know:

1. Work Abilities

While it might be tempting to include your best friend or workout buddy they cannot vouch for your work skills. Some of the best references are supervisors or managers. They will be able to provide specific examples of how you have been an asset to the company. If the person is highly respected in the field or if your hiring manager knows the person personally, your manager or supervisor could be an especially valuable reference.

Coworkers, especially recent co-workers, are also people who can often be valuable references. While you have not worked under these people, they can also vouch for your work ethic. They can provide information on why working with you was a positive experience. If you have a previous coworker who now works for the company where you are applying, this person could be an especially valuable reference.

2. Inform References

Connect with each of your references before considering to include them on your list. If someone turns you down, do not try to convince the person to be a reference. You should also let your references know if your job search is taking longer than expected or if you want to use them again during a later job search.

3. Share Contacts When Appropriate

Your contacts should not act as a vetting service to help the hiring manager decide if they should take the time to interview you. Instead, your references’ information should be given just before the person is ready to make a hiring decision.

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