10 Recruiting Tips for Bringing in Top Talent

10 Recruiting Tips for Bringing in Top Talent

Thanks to the ever-increasing complexity of recruitment in the modern world, finding the right talent can be an ongoing dilemma without the right game plan. But even though it can be an arduous task without the proper guidance, a few simple methods coupled with the best apps can make recruitment a breeze. Here’s a breakdown of the things that a recruiter might not tell you when you’re looking for the best available talent.

Craft detailed job descriptions

One of the most difficult parts of job recruiting is sifting through the pile of similar candidates, which is why it’s crucial to get as detailed as possible when posting a job description. A savvy recruiter knows that a generic job description is the easiest way to get a swarm of candidates who may not actually have the right background or skill set. Instead, offering specific details about not only the qualifications but the type of personality you’re looking for will save you money and effort in the long run.

Work on your company’s reputation

The best companies actually don’t have to do all that much recruiting, as a strong reputation with employees tends to keep qualified candidates flooding in before you even put up a job posting. A recruiter’s job also becomes substantially easier if your company has already put the time and effort into building your reputation.

Hashtags are your friend

You don’t need to be a tech company to embrace the usefulness of hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, which can easily group specific jobs and even let you polish your public appearance as an employer. This lets you quickly and easily connect with all sorts of interested talent, including potential workers who aren’t actively looking through job postings.

Set social media boundaries for your employees

Considering that your employees are an important aspect of your public image, tapping into employee creativity while maintaining basic control of the message is crucial. By being above-board with social media policies, employees can effectively promote your company’s brand without fear of repercussions, ultimately helping you create a positive and creative company image that will be a positive force in talent recruitment.

Embrace the top social media apps for recruitment

Even if utilizing the apps for LinkedIn and Monster are a little bit obvious, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to this part of talent outreach. Well over half of millennials use mobile apps when it comes to looking for a job, with the vast majority turning to easy options like LinkedIn and Monster to get started.

Don’t make prospects look for company info

About one in three candidates will move on to the next job opening if your company doesn’t have much available information, which means you’ll begin your job search from a much weaker position if you don’t have a strong online presence. While a detailed job description certainly helps, being easy to find is a requirement to compete with savvy competitors in your field.

Don’t get obsessed with experience

A level of experience is obviously necessary for most positions, yet many companies tend to miss out on talent by making the experience too central. Some experts even point out that a jobseeker with very specific experience could even be a detriment, often making it difficult for new employees to adjust to different methodologies and systems. Instead, finding the right balance of intelligence, versatility and experience should lead to stronger overall candidates.

Make good use of references and background checks

References on an application have a way of frequently being pushed aside by employers, although this could be a substantial mistake for a few reasons. Of the many reasons to take this part of the process seriously, one of the biggest is to avoid major legal headaches down the road for a candidate not properly vetted.

Branding videos

One of the best ways to improve your online image for recruitment purposes is by utilizing branding videos, which can then easily be shared view Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. Although a branding video formerly might be something that you needed a professional for, today’s companies only need a smartphone to create a visually attractive video that can make an impression with prospective employees.

Go personal

Often lost in the desire to be professional is the personal touch, which can specifically turn off younger candidates. Many millennials even like to see success stories of those with similar experience and skill sets, offering direct incentive to make your company the home of their ambitions. In today’s business world, obtaining a balance between professional and personal can be a terrific way to find talented employees who are passionate about what your company does.

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