Why Hiring Managers Hire Vets

Why Hiring Managers Hire Vets

The life of a hiring manager isn’t easy.

Hiring managers control the professional life trajectory of several people and, as if that isn’t enough pressure, they have to choose a candidate who will be able to both excel at the job and hopefully get along with the rest of the employees. With all of that on the table, it’s really no surprise that hiring managers are hiring veterans.

Veterans already have a proven track record when it comes to good work performance and the ability to get things done. If they didn’t they definitely wouldn’t have gotten an honorable discharge. This minimizes the risk of hiring a poor performer, enabling managers to make a more confident hiring decision.

It may also allow them to hire someone with MORE real-world job experience and training than another applicant with a similar formal education background. With all of the online classes and college courses being offered on military bases, it is completely possible to receive a bachelor’s degree while serving your country and getting additional military training at the same time. In many cases, this would make the choice between two similar job applicants (one a vet and one a recent college grad) a fairly easy choice.

Sometimes you really can’t tell how well a new employee will perform under pressure or handle the stress of the inevitable work conflicts that are a simple fact of life.


With a veteran, you can.

That is literally in their past job description and will most definitely transfer over into their civilian career. Once again, this helps hiring managers know without a doubt that their new employee won’t be quitting or filing complaints about workplace caused anxiety.

In addition to handling stress, veterans are aptly equipped with the ability to defuse hostile situations. So, they will be a great asset when their work section is facing any drama or personality conflicts. This may potentially improve workplace culture, performance, and productivity because it will help everyone focus on work instead of distracting conflicts.

Globalization has had a large impact on many companies and greatly affects work culture, business practices and the type of mindsets hiring managers want their applicants to have. Luckily for them, military culture is comprised of various ethnicities, backgrounds and often creates well-traveled individuals. Thus providing these employees with a global mindset and the ability to successfully navigate cultural differences.

Hiring managers have also recognized that those who have lived in military culture have a vastly different way of viewing most challenges and life in general. This benefits businesses in a variety of ways. It helps with diversification and expansion efforts that American companies are legally encouraged to strive for by getting credit from the government for it and acknowledges that military culture is very different from that of a civilian.

Having an employee who has experience with other cultures is better positioned for jobs that require reaching out to other cultures. In addition, having knowledge of and experience with military culture can be a viable asset to businesses that market to those specific target audiences.

Multicultural awareness is an important factor that stays on the mind of many hiring managers, especially since many of them work in human resources and are in charge of resolving major workplace issues between co-workers. Hiring a veteran helps managers in the long run by gaining an employee with this mindset from the very beginning who may not only help de-escalate work drama before it reaches human resources but not cause additional drama.

In short, hiring managers that are adding veterans to their company are focused on the big picture and long-term gains that veteran employees impact positively. For more information, visit us here.