12 Travel Hacks For Business Trips And Distance Interviews (Part 2)

12 Travel Hacks For Business Trips And Distance Interviews (Part 2)

Welcome back to the second half of our two-part article on how to rock the next trip you have to make for business. Airports can be challenging for all but the most seasoned pros and inexplicable naturals and you almost always forget something. Last time we talked about everything from tidy packing to bringing an empty water bottle. Let’s pick up where we left off at credit rewards.

7) Check Your Credit Cards for Travel Perks

Many credit cards have travel perks that almost never apply to the people who hold them. However, if your job is sending you on a trip this is the perfect opportunity to start using some of your rarely thought of travel reward perks. Not every credit card has travel perks but check your current plan to see if you get points for spending at airports, restaurants, or taxis.

8) Mini First Aid Kit

While it’s unlikely that someone will need major patching up on your trip, there are other medical situations you will want to be prepared for. Painkillers for travel headaches, antihistamines for unanticipated allergies at the destination, and a stockpile of band-aids in case of small cuts or scrapes are a great place to start. A tiny tube of ointment will pass inspection but leave the bottle of hydrogen peroxide at home.

9) Order Your In-Flight Meal Ahead of Time

Airplane food is notoriously hit or miss, especially if you don’t know what you’re going to get before the stewardess comes around. In some cases, there might not even be the usual choice if one meal option has run out. You can not only make sure you know what’s coming but also get a clear preview of the in-flight meal ahead of you by reserving your choice before the flight. Or, if you don’t like anything on offer, you’ll know ahead of time and can pack a few extra sandwiches that you can enjoy.

10) Get a Copy of Both Airport Maps

Getting lost in an airport is no one’s idea of a good way to start a trip and there are several approaches on how to avoid this. Some people stay within sight of their terminal for the entire duration of their wait while others concoct complex navigation clues to get back to where they need to be in time. Today in many cases you can simply download the airport app and track your location with a map on your phone. If there isn’t an online map for one or both of your airports, get a physical copy of the map and enact some old-school navigation.

11) Stuff a Few Grocery Bags In Your Carry On

You never know when something is going to get damp. Whether someone spills a drink on you, a sink explodes, or you get splashed by a passing taxi, if you find yourself needing that spare change of clothes for dampness reasons, you’ll want somewhere safe to stow the wet clothes. A plastic grocery bag is the perfect solution and, as it turns out, a plastic grocery bag is a pretty good solution for other problems that come up in travel as well like holding a collection of small items, closing a broken shampoo bottle, or keeping your hands clean if you must touch something that is questionably sanitary.

12) Wear Comfy Shoes

Finally, no matter how good an impression you want to make with whoever you’re flying to meet, always travel in comfy shoes. You may find yourself walking the entire airport in them if there’s a terminal change (or you get bored) and softer shoes can even easily curl up with you into a seat if you decide to take a nap and have a little room to do so. If you really want to look snappy upon landing, pack a pair of dress shoes in your carry-on and change into them as the plane is landing. Also, invest in one travel outfit of rumple-proof dress clothes.

Business travel, especially in unfamiliar regions, can be crazy and even a bit hectic but it doesn’t have to throw you off. With the right mindset and a little bit of preparation, you can travel like a pro on-the-go and arrive looking sleek and polished every time whether you’re arriving for an interview or making the rounds for your company. For more business and interview tips, contact us today!

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