Build Your Dream Team: 5 Tips For Attracting The Best Talent

Build Your Dream Team: 5 Tips For Attracting The Best Talent

There’s a fine line between finding good talent and top talent. How can you tap into the best practices and attract the best available candidates? Today we’re going to showcase five tips for inspiring the best in your industry to come work for you.

Connecting Continuously

Maybe it’s happened to you personally or someone you know. A company acquisition or departmental restructuring can leave an executive level professional without a job. Because these scenarios unfold in today’s marketplace every day, it’s important for a recruiter to always be connecting. Don’t be afraid to build relationships and make connections with professionals who aren’t actively seeking employment. You will essentially be positioning yourself with an audience of potential talent who may find themselves one day in need of your assistance. LinkedIn is an excellent platform that allows professionals to connect, join industry-specific groups and have business conversations.

All-Inclusive Job Description

Take a look at your job description. Does it make good use of positive words, promote the company brand, and itemize duties specifically? A job description for entry-level positions can be duty-specific and offer only basic requirements. However, when building a job description for an executive or leadership position, you’ll want to consider your audience. Leaders will look for opportunities based on the organization itself, social responsibility, and opportunity for growth. Leaders need to be challenged but mindful to avoid making lateral career moves or stepping backward. Be specific about the nature of the job itself, but really connect with a leader by promoting the company positioning, leadership potential and career growth. Consider it a job description for entry-level positions and a career description for managers, leaders, and executives.

Promote Company Culture

Every communication effort a recruiter makes should include some piece of company culture promotion. Even if you’re not actively recruiting, you can use your social media and recruitment platforms to talk about how great your company is. Actively promote existing staff testimonials, networking events, or charitable contributions. Show employees making a difference, learning on the job, and having fun. Painting a picture of your company culture can be a selling point for top talent. There are often scenarios in which great leaders, who are currently employed, decide to leave their current position to pursue a better opportunity with another organization.

Demonstrate Opportunity for Advancement

Consider what makes a candidate a top talent candidate. Individuals are often viewed as top talent based on results, leadership skills, industry knowledge, and career commitment. When recruiting your best applicants, tap into these attributes by promoting the opportunities to meet those skills and offer probability for advancement. Talk about your company’s need for the right candidate to come in and bring results, leadership, and expertise that will then be met with advancement and personal growth.

Referrals In Recruiting

Engage routinely in networking opportunities. Whether it be via online resources or community connection events, use each networking opportunity to ask for referrals. Always look for top talent and don’t be afraid to invite everyone in your communication circles to help you find them. Imagine you invest in a business lunch with an entry level sales person. Don’t assume your connections will automatically send you candidates. Be intentional in asking for referrals whenever and wherever you make connections.

Remember, some of the most talented professionals aren’t publicly looking for a change. But they may be quietly researching new opportunities. Maximize your recruiting efforts by leveraging every social media and recruiting platform and be consistent with your search. Describe your job opening as the best career choice for top talent, and you will find them.  For more tips and recruiting best practices to find the best talent in Hawaii, contact us!

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