4 Tips to Help You Prepare for Interview Day

4 Tips to Help You Prepare for Interview Day

You’ve probably been preparing for interviews by tightening up your resume, brushing up on interview questions, and maybe even having your friends ask you mock interview questions. But now that the day of your interview is coming up, you might be feeling a little nervous about your next steps. Before you start to sweat in your new interview suit, check out these four tips that can help to make your interview a breeze.

Give yourself a pep talk.

It may seem silly, but giving yourself a pep talk can actually make you feel more confident before an interview. If you envision yourself having a successful interview, you really will have a greater chance of doing well. Begin by telling yourself how you’re smart, attractive, personable, and motivated. Then continue to tell yourself how great you’re going to do at the upcoming interview. Use whatever language works for you, and don’t worry about looking silly. Say the words out loud, so that you hear them and your brain registers them as more than just thoughts. If you don’t like the idea of talking to yourself, then say all of this to a friend or relative. That positive reinforcement will boost your confidence on your interview day.

Check and double check.

Do you have your purse or your briefcase, your cell phone, and extra copies of your resume? Before your interview, think of every single item that you might need that day and make a list. Then double check everything and have a back up wherever possible. Set two alarms to wake you up that morning instead of just one. Keep a spare set of essentials in your car, like snacks for a low blood sugar attack, extra makeup, a stain remover stick or wipe, or a second pair of shoes. And keep a safety pin or two on you, just in case today is the day you have a wardrobe malfunction. Not only will this reduce your chances of something going wrong an interview day, but you’ll be able to rest easier and feel more relaxed if you know nothing can go wrong.

Be early.

Always plan to be not just on time, but early to your interview. If your interview is across town, it pays to be early in case you run into unexpected traffic or you miss your exit. And if your interview is actually out of town, plan to arrive the night before so you can get a good night’s sleep and not have to worry about a missed or delayed flight. And it’s smart to aim to arrive at your interview at least 15 to 20 minutes early. This will give you time to catch your breath and straighten yourself up. This is especially important if you are taking public transit or walking a long distance, and could become sweaty or rumpled. Employers appreciate punctuality, and you can make a great impression by showing up on time and prepared for your interview.

Remember your priorities.

Remind yourself why you are looking for a new job in the first place. Are you looking for a shorter commute? A better job title? Or a less stressful position? Make a list of what you’re looking for in a new job, and order the items by priority. Then glance at your list before you head to your interview. This will help you ask great questions in your interview and evaluate whether the position is a good fit for you. If one of your priorities is to spend more time at home, you should ask about flexible work arrangements and time off. If you’re looking for a position where you can grow your skills and move up the corporate ladder, you’ll want to discuss options for career advancement. And if you’re looking for a small team environment, but you arrive to find a mega corporation, then you can frame your interview questions accordingly.

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