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4 Ways Women Are a Perfect Match for IT Careers

4 Ways Women Are a Perfect Match for IT Careers

Companies recognize that it’s crucial to build diversity, innovation, and collaboration within their workforce if they want to stay competitive in an ever-changing tech landscape. From removing gender bias in the job application process to promoting a more inclusive work environment, many tech companies are taking concrete steps to bring about positive changes in their hiring practices. And researchers and career experts agree that it’s just as important to retain and promote women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) positions as it is to hire them in the first place. Here are just a few of the reasons why women are a perfect match for careers in the IT industry.

Women excel at tech skills

In a recent technology study conducted by the Brookings Institution, women ranked several points higher than man at performing digital tasks. Researchers analyzed 542 job positions covering 92% of the U.S. workforce from 2002-2016, and they categorized jobs across all industries as low, medium and high digital occupations. They then assessed the “knowledge, skills, tools and technology; education and training; work context; and work activities required” for these digital occupations, and found that women came out ahead of men, with an aggregate digital score of 48 versus 45 for men.

Companies with more women perform better

Researchers surveyed almost 22,000 companies across 91 countries and found that companies with higher proportions of women employees perform better financially, and they also experience better creativity and innovation. The trend is even more pronounced when there are higher numbers of women in leadership roles. Their results support findings from prior studies that greater gender balance in corporate leadership is associated with higher stock values and greater profitability. Countries around the world are already pushing for gender equality in hiring and in board representation. For example, the EU is advocating for gender quotas for board memberships, pushing for 40% of any EU company’s non-executive board members to be female.

Women lead the charge for innovation

Women bring the diversity of opinion and experience to their jobs, which in turn leads to more innovation. In fact, Donald Fan, a senior director in the Office of Diversity at Walmart, proposes that “true innovation thrives in an inclusive culture that values diverse ideas, leverages unique perspectives and invites everyone to achieve collaborative breakthroughs across the entire organization.” With diversity comes a difference of opinions, perspectives, and approaches that can help a team think outside the box and come up with the most innovative solution.

Women are at the forefront of technology adoption

Some of the most compelling statistics uncovered in the study of women in technology point to the fact that women are the leading adopters of technology. Whether it be internet usage, smart devices, GPS-related apps, or social media, women are by far the biggest customer base and the most active user base. Research by Genevieve Bell of Intel found that compared to men, women in Western countries use the internet 17 percent more, spend more time using mobile phones and location-based services, and send more text messages. Women are also the biggest user group for internet-enabled devices, smart health devices, e-readers and social media sites and telecommunications applications.

For women considering careers in tech, there’s never been a time of greater need or greater excitement in the IT industry. If you’re thinking about a new career in tech, or perhaps a change in your current job role or responsibilities, then contact us today. We would like the opportunity to help you explore these incredible possibilities in the Hawaii job market, and help you start your path to a successful and fulfilling career move.

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