4 Reasons to Find Your Next Employee Through a Staffing Agency

4 Reasons to Find Your Next Employee Through a Staffing Agency

Deciding that you need a new employee can be a difficult process. You have to weigh the load of work your company is handling versus the cost of hiring someone new. You need to crystallize job roles and see where a new person can really fit in and help your company grow. Getting started on finding that employee is just as hard. But a staffing agency can help. Here’s how:

1. You can limit your company’s potential liability.

Hiring new employees is a technical process filled with legal and administrative pitfalls. Applicants send you personally identifiable information, such as their names, addresses, and social security numbers. As applicants move through the process, they might need a background check or a drug test, depending on the nature of your business. All of these details need to be protected whether you hire the applicants or not, and that’s a large responsibility to take on. So leave the whole thing in the hands of a staffing agency that is designed to both protect the information and handle any data leak fallout.

There’s even more liability in turning down applicants. If something on their background check or credit check counts against them in the application process, you need to make sure you’re covered for any potential lawsuits regarding FCRA violations. It can be a heavy responsibility to make sure you use all obtained information correctly and document your decisions. A staffing agency knows how to do that and give you the applicants you’re looking for.

2. Streamline your staff and core business focus.

Handling your own hiring means you need to have people who can do it. Not only do you need HR staff who can handle all of the responsibilities listed above, but they will require a lot of time reviewing applications and interviewing applicants that just aren’t a good fit.

This is when using a staffing agency can save you time. Your company doesn’t require employees dedicated to finding more employees, and you can streamline your staff to focus purely on sales and your core business.

One of the biggest trends in small and medium-sized businesses is hiring third-party services to handle what internal employees used to do. This includes everything from IT and cybersecurity to taxes. Whenever possible, giving a task to a specialized service is cheaper, gets you more reliable results, and keeps your company flexible.

3. Find high-quality applicants quickly in a competitive market.

Depending on the business you’re in, you have a lot of applicants to choose from. People are constantly graduating and looking for entry-level positions, searching for new places of employment, and trying to switch from contracted work to salaried positions.

A staffing agency can help you find precisely who you’re looking for quickly. Because staffing agencies are well-tuned to what both companies and applicants are looking for, they can let you know if the employee you’re searching for should be salaried, hourly, or contract-based.

They also know what keywords and qualifications will get you the right fit. Sometimes a bachelor’s degree is either not enough or not strictly necessary in lieu of a specific certification. Other times, a granular keyword in someone’s resume is a hint you might not have connected to the open position. But a staffing agency can quickly filter through all of the results and fine-tune your criteria.

4. It’s hard to know where to look.

There are a number of job sites out there and not much standardization. Jobs might be available on every platform from Monster to SimplyHired. Posting everywhere can be expensive and cumbersome, and require constant monitoring, which takes time and is no guarantee that you’re searching in the right places.

Applicants can be just as overwhelmed, and that’s why both parties turn to staffing agencies. You can cut down on widespread posting and the feeling you missed a job site or two. You also don’t have to figure out the mechanisms or potential value of LinkedIn, Craigslist, or alternative routes for finding employees. Contact us at Bishop & Company to get started on finding the best job candidates in Hawaii.

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