Top 10 Action Verbs for an Outstanding Resume

Top 10 Action Verbs for an Outstanding Resume

Writing a resume can be a daunting task on its own, but not knowing whether you will be initially reviewed by a computerized system or a real person can make a targeted resume even more difficult. Below are 10 of the top action verbs employers and computerized recruiters alike are looking for on a strong resume. Interspersing them in your work experience can almost guarantee you a call back for an interview every time.


Employers are generally looking for someone who can delegate tasks when need so they do not get overwhelmed and behind on work. Stating you “appointed tasks to an individual or group” shows a strong sense of leadership, task management, and delegation skills.


The word “assessed” implies you have skills in gathering information and solving problems based on the information you have gathered. Describing your role in a former position by saying you “assessed department needs before delegating tasks for the day” shows you know how to problem solve and prioritize, two skills that greatly impress potential employers.


Employers generally want someone who can contribute to the group and think outside the box bringing their own ideas to the table. Bragging about something you “developed” in a former job and the result of that development will tell your employers you have much to give them. Just be careful you don’t go into too much detail and turn a 1-2 sentence description into a full paragraph on your development. If they need more information they will ask, it is up to you to impress without overwhelming.


Nothing says “I’m a team player” like some good group collaboration. Being able to collaborate with other people is a highly desired skill for an employer looking to add someone to their team, and putting the word out there will catch their attention.


No matter where you work and no matter what you do, there will always be some sort of communication involved with your job. Employers know this and therefore desire to hire those who can communicate their needs or the needs of their project or department. A simple statement of “communicated needs with management to accomplish tasks” will win you points on any resume.


The only thing better than meeting expectations or deadlines is exceeding them. Do not be afraid to spotlight areas where you do exceptionally well. Performing work that “exceeded quality standards” or “exceeded expectations” is a surefire way to pique the interest of your future employer.


Depending on your line of work, being able to say you “maintained progress after a project has been completed” or you “maintained your equipment to provide a safe environment” will show you have followed through. It is one thing to say you completed a project in a timely manner but being able to maintain the results for future success is a skill not many can achieve.


Would you rather hire a messy slob who is always losing reports or a well-organized individual who knows precisely where everything they are responsible for is filed? I think the organized employee would win by a landslide. If organization is one of your strengths, utilize it! Consider an opening sentence such “well organized individual seeking to utilize skills at your company.”


Prioritized goes hand in hand with assessed. Believe it or not, being able to effectively prioritize is a gift, and most employers are looking for people who can bring this gift to their company. On your past work experience, you could mention how you prioritized your tasks every morning before beginning your day.


Being able to reconcile differences and work as part of a team is a huge accomplishment. Equally, being able to reconcile with a fellow employee after a dispute is a great strength to have. Employers are looking for people who work well with others and who are not going to cost them money in lawyer fees down the road because their employees could not reconcile their differences.

Writing a resume should be no problem now that you have 10 new action verbs to add to your repertoire of work history and accomplishments. Remember that employers are looking for strong individuals who possess the qualities listed above and can bring them to their company. Above all, make sure you are honest and professional on paper so you can create a portrait of your best qualities, ensuring you an interview and potential job offer at the company of your choosing. Contact us for more information and resume building tips for your job search in Hawaii.

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  1. This info is great. I will revise my resume using the tips outlined above.

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