Six Career Possibilities for People Who Love to Take Business Trips (Part 1)

Six Career Possibilities for People Who Love to Take Business Trips (Part 1)

There are two kinds of people who take business trips all the time, those who see it as a necessary hassle and those who see airports as theme parks and get excited every time their plane lifts off the ground. If you are in the latter category and have always loved to fly and travel, the business world needs you to take on one of the many positions requiring business trips every year.

No, really.

Take a moment to look around the internet for business travel tips. Don’t just skim the sub-heading, actually read each little paragraph. Time and time again you see these savvy and experienced business travelers express a certain amount of frustration and weariness with constantly having to take off for yet another distant destination for their work. Even if they love their jobs, the vast majority of people who are required to travel for business don’t see this as an opportunity to have a blast. Instead, they see the long walks through the airport as a source of aching feet, the air turbulence as a queasiness, and even new places eventually lose their shine because they are always extra stressed out by the time they get to the hotel.

But not you. For those of us who adore everything about airports, flying, travel, and seeing new places, there is absolutely no reason to take a job that keeps you in one place all the time. Do your ground-loving coworkers a favor and pick a career that will give you constant opportunities to take a flight somewhere new, inspect a distant facility, make new business connections, and fly home with your reports. That way, when it comes time to choose which team member gets to go on the business trip, your hand can always be first in the air (so to speak) and have a perfect experience with travel management on your side.

Finding Your Travel Dream Job

Not sure where to start? We’ve worked with thousands of traveling professionals ranging from people who are taking a one-time trip for very special reasons to people who take the red-eye from coast to coast three times a week. Wherever your travel preferences lie, we can point you toward the right career choice to get into the air as often as you could possibly dream of. To give you some ideas, take a look at a few of the top travel careers to see if any of them feel right for you.

1) Event Planner

If you enjoy the ins and outs of putting together parties, conferences, anniversary celebrations, and destination weddings, one of the most exciting and glamorous possible travel jobs is that of an international event planner. An event planner has the opportunity to not only plan destination galas for their clients in beautiful foreign locations, you will also wind up meeting new clients while overseas or across the country who may want to hire you for their own events, no matter where those happen to take place.

2) Management Consultant

For the more serious-minded and less inclined toward miles of lace draperies, you might consider becoming a management consultant instead. Experienced professionals who have an inherent understanding of good management techniques, business organizations, and how to resolve company culture conflicts, becoming a management consultant is a fantastic opportunity for finding jobs both across the world and close to home. Once your name is out in the industry, you never know who your next business client will be or where their headquarters are located. If they’re further than a reasonable commute from your home, you’ll just have to fly out and meet them in their home city. What a shame, right?

But of course, these are only the first two of six potentially rewarding careers that can take you on-the-go at all times of the year. Join us next time for part two including four more fun potential careers and a few tips for each. For more career tips ranging from interviewing to building skills employers are looking for, contact us today!

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