Six Career Possibilities for People Who Love to Take Business Trips (Part 2)

Six Career Possibilities for People Who Love to Take Business Trips (Part 2)

Welcome back to the second half of our article on finding a career that can feed your unquenchable desire for travel. If you enjoy the idea of jet-setting, get excited instead of scared or sick on plane flights, and find every opportunity to get away from home to be an adventure, the business world needs you. Where others get travel sick, you get exhilarated. Where others get weary of travel, you see yet another new set of opportunities to learn and explore. Last time we talked about becoming an event planner or a management consultant. Join us today as we pick up where we left off at traveling accountants and auditors.

3) Public Accountants and Auditors

Modern businesses need a lot of consulting, and not just in how they handle management, HR policies, and organizational structure. If you enjoy numbers, precision, and making sure everything is exactly lined up according to “the rules” as well as your love of flying and travel, then you might enjoy becoming a public accountant or auditor instead. These vital professionals in the business world jet from place to place checking in with businesses at regularly scheduled times to make sure their books are properly kept and their policies are up to regulation standards.

4) Travel Writer

For those of you who adore putting words down onto a page in amusing, entertaining, and informative configurations, you might just have a career ahead of you as a travel writer. There are hundreds of different ways to become an official travel writer from casually blogging about your vacations to joining an official news publication and earning a byline as a trustworthy source for what it’s like to go and be a tourist in a wide variety of foreign cities. If you’re having trouble finding a position with pure travel writing, consider branching out into restaurant, hotel, and attraction reviews as well, as there is a higher commercial demand for these. Travel writers can go almost anywhere but it always helps to have a little background information before you get started.

5) Diving or Ski Instructor

Whether you self-employ or join an agency that offers vacation services, you can turn your favorite travel activities into a full-time career by deciding to become an instructor. If you like warm weather, take a few classes and get enough underwater time to become an official dive instructor or, if you prefer the cold, resolve to teach people to ski safely instead. This gives you the perfect opportunity to go where the weather is right for your vocation, whether that’s in a variety of tropical islands or wherever the snow is falling the thickest on some gorgeous slopes.

6) Retail Buyer

Our final suggestion is for you fashionistas and connoisseurs of the finer things who have an eye for trends and great deals. Retail buyers for large and small venues are responsible for keeping their store’s inventory at the cutting edge of fashion and affordability. This means constantly attending trade shows and conferences across the globe to pick up trends early, find vendors who are ready to partner, and find constant creative ways to improve your inventory. If you love both travel and fashion, becoming a retail buyer is a great way to optimize your business trip schedule.

Whether you’re the quiet observer type of tourist or adore finding the latest trends on the streets of Paris, there are dozens of careers to choose from that can get you into airports and out there seeing distant cities and landscapes. All you have to do is choose a direction and start heading for it. For more career tips and advice, contact us today!

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