5 Secrets When Interviewing For A Job

5 Secrets When Interviewing For A Job

Are you a recent graduate or returning to the job market after leaving a previous position? If so, then you might be thinking: “This job looks perfect! I can do all of this! But… I don’t meet the requirements.”

These tips will boost your confidence:

What Do I Do About Requirements?

Sometimes, employers receive hundreds of applications for one position and add specific requirements for their “ideal” candidate. Ideally, the head of the department would love to hire someone that can meet each requirement. In reality, it’s only a filter because it offers the team a way to assess candidates.

Go Above & Beyond

If all requirements are just a filter, what does that mean for your degree and certificates? Essentially, they do not determine whether or not you will get the job. Ideally, you want to meet each requirement because that means you are a step above each of the other candidates but there’s no guarantee you’re going to land the job.

Can You Solve The Problem? 

Can you do the job? At its base, putting up an ad for a position is a way of looking for someone who can help them achieve greater success. Prove that you can solve their problems and you’re much more likely to be offered the job you want. Be prepared!

Know The Basics

Familiarize yourself with the industry jargon. If you have an insider connection that you can trust try meeting with them for fifteen minutes. Use your “friend of a friend of a friend” connections because they can help you! Invite them out for a coffee or request a quick phone call. Show up prepared and demonstrate the time and research you have placed on the importance of this interview.

Don’t Give Up!

You will not be offered every position but don’t get discouraged. Have the confidence in yourself to apply and to do your best to impress them. If someone else is hired, keep moving forward. You only fail at 100% of the shots you never take.

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