6 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Resume

6 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Resume

We all know that it is not the easiest thing to do. It is extremely hard to talk yourself up, no matter how much you want the job. It is really important that you stand out!

Don’t make these mistakes!

Not enough details. It is important that you include plenty of specific details in your resume. It is not enough to tell employers that work with other people on projects. Tell them that you led a team on a project or you brought ideas to the project. Be sure to tell them that you compromised for the good of the project.

Not using action words. Your resume needs to be filled with action words like designed the plans for the building, organized the project so it ran smoother, and more. These words are much stronger than helped with building plans, worked on a project with others, and much more. Your resume needs to be filled with action words in order to stand out above the competition.

Having a generic objective. It is really important to tailor the objective on your resume to each job that you apply for. Make sure that your objective meets what the job is asking you to do. You don’t want to put that you want to find a job that makes you happy. Instead, use their description in your objective so that they know you are interested.

Focus on job descriptions instead of your accomplishments. You should make sure that you write down what you have accomplished at each job that you have had, instead of what you do all day. If you are in the same field, they already know what you do all day. Instead, tell them what you do at your job to stand out from all of the others. Don’t just tell them that you are an engineer, explain why you have helped your company grow and succeed!

Resume too long or too short. If your resume is too long, people won’t want to read it. If it is too short, you are probably missing some valuable information that needs to be included. Most people (including those who do the hiring) agree that it should be one or two pages long.

Not using keywords. It is important to use the keywords that were in the ad for the job. Otherwise, your resume may never even get noticed. Use words like engineer, construction, and other important words from the ad itself.

It can be hard to get your resume noticed in a pile full of them! However, you should fill it with keywords from the ad and be sure to use plenty of action words. Then, be sure to have enough details, without making your resume too long. If it is too short, you might miss some valuable information!

Work to find a balance and get help if you need it. Your resume needs to shine like you do! Contact us to help you find the perfect job by writing a worthy resume!