4 Reasons Why A Staffing Agency Is A Smart Career Move

4 Reasons Why A Staffing Agency Is A Smart Career Move

After years of hard work in your chosen field, you find yourself in the position you’ve always dreamed of: a C-level executive, a senior manager in charge of several teams, or a highly experienced subject matter expert. But with your unique position comes a new challenge. How do you search for your next job? At this stage in your career, finding the perfect position at the right company with the most competitive compensation package is crucial. Here’s why working with a staffing agency may be your smartest career move.

1. Saves Time

A staffing agency makes it their job to find you a new position so you can spend time focusing on your own job. You probably don’t have the time to search job boards, peruse trade magazines, call your contacts, and talk to other companies. You got to where you are today by being smart about outsourcing, delegating, and prioritizing. Now it’s time to apply these principles to your present job search. Knowing that your time is valuable, a recruiter will take all these steps for you and only present you with the best jobs that meet your criteria.

2. Casts A Wider Talent Net

You may have built a great network of business contacts over the course of your career, but unfortunately, very few of them are probably hiring or know someone who’s hiring for the position you’re seeking. And many companies keep their high-level job openings quiet while they try to promote from within. But a recruiter has her finger on the pulse of hiring trends, knows a multitude of companies and contacts, and even knows about positions that haven’t been advertised yet. She’ll find opportunities that you (and your network) might not even know about.

3. Protects Your Confidentiality

One of the riskiest things about looking for a new job is your company finding out about your search before you’re ready to share your intentions with them. If you decide to go it alone, it can be difficult to search for a job, contact companies, and interview with them anonymously. And this state of affairs only adds to your stress while you look for a new job. The recruiters at a staffing agency are familiar with these types of sensitive situations and are experienced at conducting job searches in complete confidentiality.  Your recruiter will only share your details with a potential employer when both you and the new company agree that it’s a potential match.

4. Compensation

When it comes to senior-level or C-level compensation, everything’s on the table and everything’s negotiable. Would you rather try to negotiate this important aspect yourself, or let an experienced recruiter handle it for you? A recruiter can fight on your behalf for more than just your salary. He’ll also ask about things like a signing bonus, stock options, annual incentives, special retirement plans, extra insurance, access to financial or legal consultants, and the use of a company car, jet or lodging. These are just some of the factors to consider in a compensation package, and your recruiter is an expert when it comes to getting you the best offer.

At Bishop & Company, our experienced recruiters will provide you with the confidential, hands-on service you’re looking for to match you with the perfect senior-level or C-level position. And we’re always looking for new, senior-level talent. Even if you’re not currently looking for a new job, it never hurts to know what kind of hiring is taking place in your city or in your industry. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about opportunities that might be waiting for you.