Boo! 5 Work-Appropriate Halloween Costumes

Boo! 5 Work-Appropriate Halloween Costumes

Spiderwebs, free candy, costumes and more! If you’re one of those people who can’t take the day off of work, though, that’s no reason to skip all the holiday fun. For instance, these 5 work-appropriate Halloween costumes can be worn to the office, and they can brighten your day, in case the candy corn didn’t do it.

Costume #1: The Mad Intern

While you might not have the full PhD for a mad scientist, you have to start somewhere. This costume can be as simple, or as intricate, as you want. If you want to keep it simple, all it takes is wearing work attire in disarray, with a few small details added in. Like some tinted goggles, a sanitorium ID hanging from your breast pocket, and perhaps a pill bottle full of M&Ms. An occasional conversational tidbit about your latest “experiment” won’t go awry, either, if it wouldn’t be too disruptive.

Costume #2: Zombie

There are people who claim working in an office sucks your soul out through your nose, so why not embrace the myth? If you want to be a low-rent kind of ghoul, then all it takes is adding a gray tone to your skin, and doing your very best Lurch impression throughout the day (at least until your co-workers stop finding it amusing). While you can go a little further by adding a little blood, remember that you’re still at work. The dangling eye, or slit throat, is probably going to be more gross than festive.

Costume #3: The Spy

Whether you’re more a fan of James Bond or Mission Impossible, the spy is one of the easier costumes to ease into your work environment. First things first, you want to be impeccably dressed. Don’t wear a tuxedo, unless you think you can make it through the day without getting toner on it, but you should stand out. The right call backs to your series of choice would also help anyone who isn’t sure what you’re going for get in on the joke.

There is another way you can pull this costume off, as well; go full Rocky and Bullwinkle. Boris and Natasha were some of the worst spies, and all it takes is wearing too much black, and a thin veneer that you’re still working in an office to make an old gag work for you. Adding a heavy Russian accent might not be appropriate, but that will depend on your workplace.

Costume #4: The Were-Creature

Full moons can be a problem, and if there’s one close by Halloween then so much the better. You don’t want to go full Lon Chaney with this one, but a few hints of an oncoming transformation really make it. Fuzzy ears, a set of fangs if you don’t have to be on the phone, and maybe a set of claws if they don’t get in the way of your typing. An occasional howl for a werewolf, or yowl for a werecat, and you’re done. Also, if you’re going to dress up multiple days in a row, add a new detail each day, as if the transformation is getting worse.

Costume #5: The Vampire

Coming back to the undead, there are so many varieties of vampire that even if everyone in the office picked this one, you could have a bunch of different takes. From Count Dracula to Edward Cullen, all it takes is a few details, and avoiding natural sunlight (which shouldn’t be hard in most offices). You could even come with a prop stake in your heart, if you’re looking to explain a slow day.

These are just 5, simple ways you can have fun with Halloween without making too much of a splash. If you’re looking for other suggestions, though, simply contact us today!

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