Placing Great People In Great Jobs

Placing Great People In Great Jobs


It’s the lowest unemployment rate in a decade!

Baby boomers are finally retiring. Employers can’t find the talent they need and jobs stay vacant for months, reducing productivity and negatively affecting morale. Poor morale means employees look for work elsewhere—and they’re finding it. It’s a candidate market. So, is your organization changing the way it recruits? Changing its hiring process? Analyzing the competitiveness of its compensation? Do you have an effective employee retention plan?

Organizations which grow their revenue, profits, and market share are those which adapt to the challenges in the search for, and retention of, talent. Organizations must be nimble at making changes to attract the precious few talented candidates available in this tight market. Do your HR staff and hiring managers know how to “sell” a job and your organization to candidates? Does your organization have a reputation as a great place to work? Food for thought…. and organizational self- assessment as we go into 2017.

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